Craig Dunn

Principal Consultant & Founder

Craig has 20 years experience working with open source UNIX/Linux based technologies and has specialized in configuration management and automation for the last 6 years.  Craig began using Puppet in 2008 whilst he was an IT contractor.  Since then he has helped many organizations set up and implement Puppet including BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and IPC Media.  Craig joined Puppet Labs in 2012 as a Professional Services Engineer providing consulting services to Puppet Labs’ clients and delivering official Puppet training courses around the world.  Since leaving Puppet Labs, he founded Enviatics with a view to offer quality consulting services  to clients throughout Europe.

Craig is a well known member of the Puppet open source community and has talked previously at Puppet Camp Stockholm about his design paradigm known as “roles and profiles” and maintains a variety of open source projects around Puppet and other DevOps tools.


  • Designing Puppet, Roles and Profiles.  Puppet Camp Stockholm 2012 [ video | slides ]
  • Advanced Puppet Design.  Puppet Camp Berlin 2014 [ video | slides ]
  • Solving real world problems with Jerakia, Config Management Camp, Ghent, 2016 [slides ]