Puppet is an open source configuration management tool developed by Puppet Labs Inc.  Puppet has rapidly grown to become the leading tool of choice for companies adopting a Devops style approach to software delivery and infrastructure management.At Enviatics we specialize in Puppet, we have been using Puppet as early as 2008 in a wide variety of industries including finance, media, software development houses and broadcasting.  We understand the challenges faced when trying to use Puppet to manage highly complex and varied environments and our consultants can draw on our years of professional experience to maximize potential and enable even the most complex of infrastructures to be managed easily by harnessing the power of Puppet and other surrounding tools.

We can help you with all aspects of your Puppet implementation, including:

  • Best practice for writing good well structured Puppet modules
  • Puppet code base design paradigms such as “Roles and Profiles”
  • Data abstraction using Hiera
  • Workflow management using Git
  • Integration with third party tools
  • Extending Puppet using Ruby to unleash even more power
  • Scaling Puppet in large environments
  • Processes and change management in a Puppet driven infrastructure